Find out what low rates and fees are available when you finance or refinance a new or used RV.

888RVLOANS.COM  works with all the major RV lending banks as well as other local and national banks. We are in contact with them everyday and aware of which bank is offering the lowest rates available.  On larger loans we offer better terms and rates than your local bank or credit union. We have been in the RV industry since 1969 and therefore understand the needs of the RV buyer and can answer questions that will enable them to make informed decisions about the best financing program for their individual needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are a full time RV’er or just use your RV for weekends or vacation time, we can help you with the lowest rates and varied program that best suits your needs.


v     $25,000 minimum loan for financing

v     $35,000 minimum for refinancing

v     No buy-down rates, no home equity loans!

v     Lowest competitive rates and best terms available

v     New or used units  Private party or dealer sales 

888 RV LOANS.COM will finance units as old as 10 years

888 RV LOANS.COM  can also set up a Montana LLC at  very low cost to you! We can finance Montana and other state's LLC's



All of our staff are professionals who have years of experience in all facets of the RV industry. They understand the needs of the RV buyer and are able to answer any questions. We try to educate the buyer so that they are more able to make informed decisions as to the financing program that will best meet their needs.     

We have worked hard and earned our reputation for honesty and integrity, offering the lowest rates and varied terms possible. We are nationwide and have the finest professional staff that  knows the RV financing industry.

We keep all of your information confidential, our application sites are secure but if you prefer we will mail or fax our application to you. Want to just call? We aim to please and make things as hassle free as possible, we will take your application over the phone!

Thanks for visiting this site, give us a call and talk to one of our staff, it could save you thousands of dollars!



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